Tusa Precision Tools

Micro-center drill 90°-118°

In case there was the need to place a micro-drill in a very precise way and / or having to drill a sloping or irregular surface, the micro-center drill is the optimal and indispensable tool. The micro- center drills are available in two variants with a 90 ° or 118 ° point angle. The drill is designed to have an excellent centering feature in small diameters. Both MTB43 and MTB44 drills are available in the 0.5 mm and 2.0 mm diameters.
The micro-drills are supplied in solid carbide micro-grain, with TiAlN coating. The geometries are executed with the maximum accuracy so as to guarantee an impeccable use.
Naturally, the TUSA company can also offer made-to-measure drills with other angles and / or lengths.

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