Tusa Precision Tools

Special tools for specific needs

Do you need special tools for specific needs?
TUSA Precision Tools SA develops, manufactures and supports the implementation of special cutting tools.
Why a special tool for specific needs?
There are several criteria for deciding whether it is necessary to use a tool developed specifically for the specific process.

Here you are some:

  • Out of standard processing: there is no standard tool for the application.
  • Integration: different shapes and tolerances inserted in a tool, so that the shape and the precision are reported in the tool.
  • Time saving: a tool instead of several tools.

For all the steps that lead to the creation of a special tool for specific needs our technicians will be able to support you achieving the ideal solution for your needs.

Some examples of special tools manufactured by TUSA Precision Tools SA

WA18000087 step reamer

WF18000101 shaped tool

WF17000231 shaped tool

WF18000129 milling cutter

WF18000163 Countersink


Profile cutter WF18000219


WP18000084 shaped countersink

Precision is our job!