Tusa Precision Tools

Pilot drill MTB27E

The MTB27E drill represents the evolution of the MTB27 pilot drill. This tool combines the possibility of creating a countersink with the possibility of preparing a pre-hole which will be followed by a deeper drilling; it has been developed for machining tougher materials, especially stainless materials, taking into account today’s grinding and coating possibilities. Like the MTB27, the pilot drills offer maximum positioning accuracy and are perfectly coordinated with the Evolution drills of the TTD family. The MTB27E pilot drill has an optimized geometry to increase its service life when machining stainless materials; consequently it maintains these expectations even in less tough steels. The grinding of the surface of the chip compartment, as well as the main cutting edges, are performed in a particular way to ensure optimal holding and evacuation of the chips. The drill is supplied with an AlCrN based coating which increases performance and durability while decreasing the creation of built-up edges.
The drills are available ex stock starting from 1 mm diameter up to 4 mm diameter in 0.05 mm sequences. The diameters are supplied standard with a tolerance of m5 (from> Ø 1 mm to <= Ø 3mm = + 0.002 / + 0.006 mm and> Ø 3mm to <= Ø 6mm = + 0.004 / + 0.009 mm)
For the subsequent drilling of difficult materials we suggest the high performance drills TTD206E, TTD212E and TTD218E for those who can take advantage of the internal lubrication cooling (through the spindle) or the TTD203 and TTD207 drills with the classic external lubrication cooling.
In addition, the company offers a re-sharpening service for TUSA tools, contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

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