Tusa Precision Tools

General Terms and conditions of purchase


1. Validity

Only our purchasing terms and conditions apply. If the supplier has different terms and conditions, we will only accept them if we agree to them in writing.
If the supplier prepares an offer based on our request, they must adhere precisely to our request and explicitly notify us of any deviations.
We reserve the right to request reasonable changes to the design and execution of the delivery item from the supplier, provided it is reasonable for them. In this case, we must agree on the effects of the changes, particularly in terms of costs and delivery dates.

2. Payment and delivery
Payment of an invoice does not automatically mean that we acknowledge the delivery as contractual or waive the right to raise objections to defects in the delivered goods. If the delivery is defective, we reserve the right to withhold payment until the delivery has been properly fulfilled. We also reserve further setoff and retention rights to the extent permitted by law.
The supplier may only make partial deliveries with our explicit consent. Otherwise, the supplier bears all costs for subsequent deliveries.

3. Changes
Force majeure events such as uncontrollable operational disruptions, riots, official measures, changed market conditions, and other inevitable events release the contracting parties from their obligations to the extent and duration of the disturbance. Both parties are obliged to inform each other promptly within reasonable limits and to adjust their obligations in good faith in line with the changed circumstances.

4. Packing and transport
The goods must be packed according to the requested conditions to avoid transport damage. The supplier is liable for damages resulting from inadequate packaging.

5. Quality
The supplier guarantees the use of identified, controlled, and traceable raw materials, as well as the use of equipment, machinery, and devices that are regularly inspected and maintained for the production process.
We reserve the right to carry out agreed internal audits by ourselves or by third parties to confirm that the above requirements are being implemented.

6. Industrial and intellectual property
Before any subcontracting of the order by the supplier, it is necessary to consult with us. Subcontracting can only be done with our express consent.
The specifications of the raw material to be used (quality, origin, etc.) can also be expressly requested by us. In this case, any deviation from the desired specifications must be expressly agreed upon with us.
The parts and/or materials provided by us remain our property. The supplier is obliged to store and label these materials separately. In addition, they must ensure that the materials are adequately insured against fire, water, theft, and other damages, with the costs borne by the supplier.

7. Confidentiality of information
The supplier is obliged to treat and keep all commercial and technical information and/or data confidential. This includes the obligation to require subcontractors to maintain confidentiality as well.

8. Applicable law
Only Swiss legislation is applicable.
The place of jurisdiction is exclusively that of Tusa Precision Tools SA, located in Lugano.

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