Tusa Precision Tools

Carbide cutters and circular saws

Tusa produces profiled circular milling cutters with a diameter of 5 mm to a maximum diameter of 160 mm. We are able to realize slitting saws with a constant profile with logarithmic relief – indifferently with straight teeth or with helical teeth.

The logarithmic relief guarantees profile fidelity and cutting angle even after different regrinding, greatly reducing the costs of use.
Depending on the material to be processed and the conditions of use we make specific constructions with various types of teeth (fine, coarse, extrafine, helical and alternate).
Furthermore, for special uses, the drills can be supplied with keway or drag holes.
For all the drills, if the application requires it, it is possible to apply the most suitable coating.

Circular saws are offered according to DIN 1837 A and DIN 1838 B but in case of special applications we can also offer special customized saws.

Data sheet

DIN 1837-1838