Tusa Precision Tools

In order to create a performing tool which can work with feeds and cutting speeds that satisfy even the most demanding customers, it is necessary to follow different basic design and processing steps.

Knowing the application is essential:

  • What I want to do with the tool
  • What I want to do with the tool
  • Machinery, refrigerant, type of spindle, which tool clamping system is used
  • What precision is required for processing, what type of finishing and what tolerances should I keep
    Cycle time available

The company TUSA PRECISION TOOLS SA has collaborators with experience and expertise to be able to advise the best tools to be used and how to use them.

A technical drawing is made, starting from sketches and annotations that will serve to construct the desired tool.

  • Choice of the material to be used for the tool
  • Determination of the remains, cutting and shapes
  • Tolerances
  • Choice of the possible coating

Today the drawings are executed with a modern CAD so as to clearly and comprehensively define the details of the tool

The choice of material is essential to ensure the desired performances.

  • Type of carbide, granularity, density, toughness
  • Roundness of the stock
  • Certification of the material

The TUSA PRECISION TOOLS SA company uses the highest quality material as it works exclusively with certified suppliers.

For multi-stage tools, such as drills, reamers, milling cutters etc. Diameter preparation is essential.

  • Roundness of diameters
  • Concentricity between shank and diameter of the cutting edge
  • Surface finish (this affects the surface that will be obtained during processing)
  • Limit the Cobalt Leaching, with appropriate adjustment parameters (cutting speed and wheel advancement, etc.)

The TUSA PRECISION TOOLS SA uses specific machines for the processing of diameters, so as to guarantee the desired quality and precision.

The rectification of geometries, cutting, shapes are performed with:

  • Idone Suitable CNC programs (CAM)
  • Excellent finish of the sharp remains
  • Accuracy of the shapes

Using a state-of-the-art machine park, modern equipment and systems as well as highly competent employees ensure high quality products.


  • Increased cutting edge hardness
  • Increased tool life span
  • Improvement to wear resistance

Thanks to decades of collaboration with highly qualified partners, TUSA PRECISION TOOLS SA can define, recommend or supply tools with the most appropriate coating for each specific application.

Quality and control

  • All individual steps are subjected to scheduled checks
  • Control parameters are defined for each tool
  • Laser measurement or optical measurements with CNC machines
  • Processes defined to guarantee quality

The quality is the sum of the details of the tool, for this reason it is
indispensable to know and control the whole process in the creation of the tool.