Tusa Precision Tools

Carbide twist drills, short, right hand cut

The MTB 25, MTB 25 / 1.100 and MTB 30 drills are universal cylindrical drills.
They are drills designed for the processing of short holes. All drills were built with a 25 ° inclination angle and a standard cutting angle of 118 °.

The MTB 25 drill starts from a diameter of 0.5 mm and reaches a diameter of 20 mm. Up to 12 mm diameter the drills can be supplied directly from stock, above this diameter on request. These are the shortest drills of the family.

The MTB 25 / 1.100 drill has the same geometry as the classic MTB 25 drill, but starting from the diameter 0.3 mm up to the 3 mm diameter; these drills are available from stock for every hundredth of a millimetre.

All the drills are based on a high quality micro-grain hard metal.

Of course, customized versions, diameters and lengths different from the catalogue are also available; for further information contact us.

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